Sausage Supper

Each January, our church hosts a dinner for the community, featuring home-made German sausage!  In 2012, the church celebrated it’s 50th annual German sausage supper with nearly 600 people in attendance!  In addition to traditional home-made German sausage, each supper is also served with pancakes, eggs, peaches, coffee and milk. The home-made German sausage is also sold by the pound, and usually sells out very quickly. Last year was our 62nd annual event and the men made 4,000 pounds; 4,500 in 2023 setting all-time records. Think of it! 2 1/4 tons of German sausage! This year the supper was held on Tuesday January 23rd from 5:00-7:00 pm. and the cost was and always is a “free will” offering. The money is used to fund building projects and pay for maintenance to our church building. Don’t forget to mark it on your calendar for next year, usually the 3rd Tuesday of January and as always…plan to invite a friend!

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