World Missions

Paul Congregational Church partners with missionaries serving all over the world — from Asia Pacific to right here in the USA — for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.

PCC Missions Policy

Below are some of the ministries we are privileged to partner with.  Some missionaries may not be listed, in an effort to protect their ministry abroad.

Ron and Sally C. – New Tribes Mission  //  USA

Ron and Sally serve on the administration team with Global Serve based out of Florida, but travel around the country frequently on behalf of Global Serve International.

To receive their newsletters and updates, email Ron & Sally directly at

Scott & Beth Cunningham – Overseas Council  //  Global

Scott and Beth are missionaries where Scott serves as President and CEO for Overseas Council.  Scott is specifically involved in assisting strategic theological education programs in seminaries and Bible colleges.  Overseas Council works in areas of the world where the need is greatest, where the Church is growing the fastest, or under formidable odds — in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eurasia.

For more information on the “Institutes for Excellence” that Scott leads around the world, check out

To receive their newsletters and updates, email Scott directly at

Craig & Kayla Gilley – ETHNOS 360  //  Asia Pacific

Craig and Kayla Gilley serve with ETHNOS 360 in Papua, Indonesia.  They work in various support roles including, managing the guest house, helping with MK education and also occasional building/work trips to remote interior locations. It is their heart to encourage and support the missionaries in those remote locations in any way they can.  For more information, follow the Gilley’s blog at

Torre & Narah Meissner – ETHNOS 360  //  USA

The Meissners are currently living in Texas near the border of Mexico and run the guest house for ETHNOS 360 workers in Mexico. They have many jobs such as postman, taxi driver, supply buyer, meal provider, encourager, guest room (and facility) maintenance personnel.  Email:

The Whites

The Whites live in Florida & coach GSI closed-access workers. We help provide resources for workers such as: culture and language consultation, homeschooling resources, business platform strategy & consultation, connections with sending churches.

Minidoka Christian Education Association  //  Rupert, Idaho

The Minidoka Christian Education Association provides an opportunity for students at Minico High School to take a noncredit elective course to learn more about the Christian faith.  Beyond mere academics, the class challenges students to become people who love God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength – as well as to love their neighbors as themselves.

Follow the MCEA Facebook page: for updates and events!

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